Friday, March 1, 2013

NDrive11 For GPS Lokatoo A1000HD, A1000i, A1000, A903i & A903

How To Install

Download Program. Copy and paste it in the SD Card / Internal Disk

Edit your navigation script to add command i.e. install in SD Card
x = 630
y = 235
NewIni= \SDMMC\NDrive\NavCe6.exe (use NavCe5.exe for WinCe 5)
SizeNormal = 63
SizePushed = 52
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconNormal = ..\Icons\NDrive.ico
ScaleAlpha = 80
IconPushed = ..\Icons\NDrive.ico

If install in internal disk, just change the "SDMMC" to "Residentflash"

click icon NDrive

For lokatoo, select Com-7 for Comm. Port and 57600 for Baud Rate

You can also try to swith on the Adventure Mode. When you start to navigate, no direction given and you will solely depend to 1 single line to your destination. Try it

3D Map View

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