Monday, April 16, 2012

NDrive10 For GPS Lokatoo HD


How To Install

Download Program. Copy and paste it in the SD Card / Internal Disk

Edit your navigation script to add command i.e. install in SD Card

x = 415
y = 150
Command = \SDMMC\NDrive\NDrive.exe
SizeNormal = 63
SizePushed = 52
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconNormal = ..\Icons\NDrive.ico
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconPushed = ..\Icons\NDrive.ico

If install in internal disk, just change the "SDMMC" to "Residentflash"

For lokatoo, select Com-7 for Comm. Port and 57600 for Baud Rate


Loading NDrive

Now you can navigate :)

You can also try to swith on the Adventure Mode


When you start to navigate, you can see a compass at the top left. Your map will move or swing whenever the compass move :) No direction given and you will solely depend to 1 single line to your destination. Try it


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