Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PolNav 6026 For GPS Lokatoo HD

PolNav 6026 come with junction view & 3D

How to Install

Download Program. Copy and paste it in the SD Card / Internal Disk

Edit your navigation script to add command i.e. install in SD Card

x = 413
y = 150
Command = \SDMMC\PolNav6\Navigator.exe
SizeNormal = 63
SizePushed = 52
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconNormal = ..\Icons\PolNav.ico
ScaleAlpha = 100
IconPushed = ..\Icons\PolNav.ico

If install in internal disk, just change the "SDMMC" to "Residentflash"

Icon for launchpad PolNav.ico

Don't panic...just click "OK"

Loading PolNav

Now you can navigate :)

Menu to search for destination


This is the best part, ada search by GPS tag photo...sama macam PowerMap Z9, mesti cuba ni..

Copy GPS tag photo i.e Hospital Putrajaya dalam folder Photo, click "Hospital Putrajaya"


Click "OK"


Click "Go To"...to navigate


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