Friday, December 24, 2010

NDrive10 For GPS China

This is for NDrive version 10.1.15


How To Install NDrive10

Step 1: Download NDrive software - credit to gpsunderground

For WinCE5.0 User
For WinCE6.0 User

Step 2: Download Latest Maps v2.18. Copy map into the maps folder


Step 3: To unlock maps, replace the following NDrive.exe

For WinCE5.0 User
For WinCE6.0 User

Step 4: To be able to configure the port and baudrate of gps, replace the NDrive.ini with this NDrive.ini

For GPS China, select accoding to Com Port & Baud Rate, i.e. select Com-1 for Comm. Port and 4800 for Baud Rate

NOTE: DELETE any NDrive files from previous versions from the SD Card as it would result error in loading the map - incompatble image file

Demo GPS China Powered By Launchpad VS Kechat

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