Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Map Updates for Mio-PolNav

How To Update Maps

Step 1: Download Free Map for Mio-PolNav - Credit to MFM (Only registered user will be able to download the maps. Please register first to login for first time user)

Step 2: Extract the file, there will be a " Dual_Unicode" folder.

Step 3: Connect GPS device / SD Card to PC and look for the Map folder.

Step 4: Copy the latest "Dual_Unicode" folder and replace into Map folder.

Now you can navigate with the updated map :)

Polnav features:

- Plug-in POI capability
- Destination/Special Location indication
- POI Find per country or around city
- Fast route calculation
- Cross-border routing capability
- Ultra fast reroute
- Itinerary management allowing more than 20 stopovers
- Multi-stop route plan manually or automatically
- Detour to avoid traffic jam
- Find by
> Address, POI, Favorite, Recent
> Coordinates, Photos (JPEG/EXIF)
- Smart keyboard input
- 3-level POI categories
- Enriched map display
> One-way mark, Z-level, River, Railway, POI
- 3D Landmark (Optional)
- Auto day/night mode change
- 2D, 3D and PIP (Picture In Picture) navigation views
- Precise turn-by-turn guidance
- Crystal voice prompts
- TTS (Optional)
- Speed camera alert
- Over speed alert
- Safe mode
- Driving statistics information
- Trail log

Source: MFM


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