Thursday, December 15, 2011

Proton announces entry of Exora Bold

PETALING JAYA: Proton has finally introduced the much anticipated turbocharged Exora

Quite apart from that, the other important development from Proton is the entry last week of the Proton Exora Bold.

The model is the much ballyhooed turbocharged Exora that was announced in September last year by Proton managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

It's the first Proton model to use a turbocharger, and there's every likelihood forced induction will be employed in future models.

According to a Proton statement, the Exora Bold uses an all-new 1.6-litre Campro Charge Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine with performance comparable to that of a 2.0-litre engine, and comes equipped with a CVT transmission.

The latest Exora is expected to sustain sales in the coming quarters.

Proton sees the use of CVT as the obvious choice for fuel economy and comfort in such class of vehicle.

"Owners can now benefit from a vehicle with the intelligence of selecting the best ratio that would suit a particular driving condition, thus allowing the vehicle to be fuel efficient, via smooth stepless' acceleration, for best comfort."

Proton is organising a three-day media drive soon for journalists to try out the new Exora and the Saga FLX SE, which was launched last month.

Details on the Exora will be forthcoming then. The Exora will be available in different trim lines and prices are expected to be a little more than the naturally aspirated variant - somewhere in the region of RM3,000 extra.

Like the Exora Bold, the new Saga variant uses CVT but has a 1.6-litre Campro IAFM engine under the bonnet.

At present, the top-selling Proton cars are the new-generation Proton Saga, followed by the Persona, Exora and Inspira.

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